Professional Invoicing and Accurate Records With the Right Software

Every auto shop has an enormous amount of technology to purchase for both their repair bays and their office. Of all of these the most important may be automotive repair shop software. This valuable purchase will repay the shop owner almost immediately with its detailed reports and careful tracking of time and inventory. Accurate invoicing is a necessity for survival in a competitive industry like automotive repair services. Here is how the right software aids in that accuracy.

Keeping Client Records

Loyal patrons appreciate having a service center that tracks the repairs made on their vehicle. Software makes it easy to know when regular services like inspections and oil changes may be due. This is a great opportunity for shops to encourage additional visits and is a courtesy for clients that may lose track on their own.

Accurate Inventory Control

Tracking each oil filter, belt and spark plug allows shops to know what part numbers to keep in stock and when to order more to prevent a shortage. It also makes it easy for repair facility owners to know that the materials are not leaving the building without being purchased.

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Tracking Mechanic Hours

Adding a mechanic name or employee number to every invoice also enables shop managers to see the efficiency of each employee over time. In addition, it makes scheduling and estimating more accurate because previous repairs provide a genuine example of how long each project actually takes. This is often much more accurate than many popular estimating guides.

Record Warranty Information

Not every part survives as long as it should. Reliable automotive repair shop software makes it easy to retrieve and print invoices to file a labor claim with a parts supplier or for receiving a refund on the purchase of the part. The invoice will have the date of the repair, the part number and description and the mileage of the vehicle. All of this may be necessary when proving the part was still covered by a warranty.

Good record keeping saves time and money. Even the smallest repair shop can produce professional documents and have all of their financial information organized for tax season. The investment is minimal for the many rewards it has to offer.

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